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Episode 46: Bit Socket LIVE!

It's our first ever live show! On Saturday 26th of March an audience of 60 folk descended upon Sloan's in Glasgow to watch the Bit Socket boys talk about games, sing Yakuza Karaoke, listen to Jimmy Shand's Videogame Band and take the piss out of megaman and dive into the dark depths of deviantart...

But if you weren't there, don't worry, you can listen to the entire show right here!

Now, this is our first live show, so technical hitches aplenty did their best to scupper us, and the sound quality isn't the usual high Bit Socket standard you expect, but hopefully  you can forgive us.

We will DEFINITELY be doing another live show because a good time was had by all, but for now, please enjoy this moment.

A big big special thanks to Simon Marshall and Glesgames for hosting us. Glesgames has already announced their next event taking place this summer at Drygate in Glasgow, and you can buy tickets here.

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