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After the horrendous episode 69 (the 'sex special' apparently) it seemed like the Bit Socket podcast was dead. But no, it has arisen, and two phantoms were born...


Bit Socket Podcast 70

The Bit Socket podcast is back to its usual clean-ish fun after last month's debauchery. In this episode we get less cranky at your responses in Say Your Bit, Joe introduces you to the world of regional Scottish video games, and there's also Is It Canon because we're obliged to do it till the end of time.

Bit On the Side 1

Our second, PATREON-EXCLUSIVE podcast has launched! Every month we'll be uploading Bit On The Side to our Patreon page for everyone who pledges $3 a month. It's a bit freewheeling this month, but as we get more patrons and more suggestions for chat topics, we'll be doing a lot more with it.

Check out our patreon page if you'd like a listen!