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The Dark Times


I smashed my phone screen…

Joe Merrick

With my iPhone left unusable after a short but brutal fall from my pocket (I was running!) I had no choice but to use a cheap £15 Nokia phone for a while. It even had buttons!

Recently, I’ve started romanticising about the idea of rejecting my smartphone and leaving all its’ features behind. No more Facebook and twitter. No more constant emails. No more feeling of constantly being connected to the world. Sound like bliss, right?

The reality sunk in after barely a few hours though; my entire life is married to the functions of my iPhone. Email, Calendars, WhatsApp, Messenger; they’re all pretty crucial to my work and social lives. Also, for someone who isn’t really a big fan of playing games on my phone… I really missed having proper games on my phone.

So here’s a wee review of the games I had to entertain myself with on my Nokia 105; a phone from the dark times.

Nokia-105-Blue copy.jpg


It’s a simple, fun classic but holy shit it needs a lot more horsepower than this little phone can deliver. Every jump feels like a torturous climb through tar. I was honestly happy to see my wee guy fall off the bottom of the screen and die.

Crossy Road

It’s Frogger, but a million times slower. Frogger has always been a weird one because the only way to lose it is to be lazy and not pay attention.

The difficulty is taking into account the delay between pressing a button and actually seeing anything happen on screen.


It’s Snake! Everyone loves it. Don’t deny it. I just don’t remember it being this colourful back in the day. I actually really liked the “campaign” mode that changed up the level layouts and colour schemes every so often. Sometimes it’d be a box, sometimes it’s be a wee “apartment”. A genuine thrill to play again.


It’s slow, again. But to be honest that worked to my advantage. I’ve always been shite at Tetris but here I did pretty damn well. This is definitely the noisiest game out the bunch; I’m pretty sure my frantic button clicking could be heard from the next cubicle over in the work toilets as I tried to manoeuvre the L-block.

Screenshot_1 copy.jpg