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Hopes Dashed Again



Joe Merrick

Never trust rumours; never trust a hope. That’s my new motto. With so many accurate rumours flying around recently, I thought there was no harm in believing this one; the one that mattered to me.

For about a year now, there have been rumours of a return to the limelight for Ridge Racer. More specifically, the rumours have pointed a Switch exclusivity. While the lack of a Ridge Racer at launch for the PS4 continues to be a bitterly swallowed pill, even I have to admit that the Switch would be a perfect fit.

With a surprise Nintendo Direct taking place recently, it seemed like the perfect time to allow my inner hype machine to brace for the announcement that I knew had to be coming. But, it didn’t, and Ridge Racer continues to be a forgotten property; a half-remembered embarrassing meme.


Rumours are nothing new so video games. We all knew someone at school who’s uncle worked at Nintendo, honest. But what was pretty innocent fun back when we were wee - “You can get the Triforce in Ocarina of Time!” - has become an almost monthly ritual; a post on ResetEra getting linked on Twitter, then picked up by a big site with a big “Report” heading slapped onto it and, before you know it, grown adults like me are losing their ability to keep their cool.

It’s amazing how many times I get caught up in it all. Remember last year it was reported that Retro Studios was working on a Star Fox racing game? That sounds amazing - right up my street!

But the reality is probably more likely that Star Fox is dead forever after everyone (but me) hated Star Fox Zero, and Ubisoft’s Starlink was such a massive dud. I’ll still buy it when it’s a tenner for the Arwing toy though…

I’m going to try and not get caught up in the rumour machine from now on. It’s great to get excited for stuff, but it’s also better to just be surprised. This month, Nintendo genuinely surprised me with Tetris 99 and it’s an absolute treat.

But Namco, if you are reading this, you know at least one guy who’ll buy a new Ridge Racer.