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Scott's Recommendations Part Two



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Scott White


Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, Ghost: Two new tracks from the rock-genre straddling Ghost and they’re both smashing. As good as anything from their last album and probably as good as anything the Beatles ever released.


Jerusalem, Alan Moore: I’ve been reading Jerusalem throughout the year and now, as I approach the end, I think I’ll miss it. At over 1100 pages of the smallest type you’ve ever seen, it might be one of the finest works of fiction from Moore, even more important than the one about the scary mask that kills John Hurt.

The Dark Crystal_Brea.jpg


Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Love a bit of puppetry and while I didn’t grow up watching the film (first saw it when I was 25), the TV show is cracking. CGI is used sparingly and the artistry and love for the physical fantasy of the film is front and centre. Definitely worth a watch on the Old Netflix.


Song Exploder: A weekly breakdown of how songs were created, featuring interviews with the musicians involved. Previous guests include Robyn, Sleater-Kinney and Hozier. Worth skimming through the back catalogue to check out some very interesting stories.

Alexei Sayle’s Imaginary Sandwich Bar: Okay, it’s not a podcast, but it’s recently started on Radio 4 and I had a massive big laugh while listening to it in bed. Alexei Sayle talks about the modern world through the eyes of the owner of a small, independent sandwich shop.