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May 2018 Contents


MAY 2018


Welcome to the first 'issue' of Bit Socket. Every month we'll be bringing you an online magazine with articles, videos and podcasts. This month we kick-off with a couple of old features and a couple of new ones. We really hope you like our new direction.

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Scott and Joe Predict E3 2018


Too much information

Scott wonders if games tell us too much sometimes


Sticking the landing

After finishing Yakuza 6, Joe compares the end of Kazuma Kiryu's story to other game series that haven't stuck the landing quite so well


Joe plays Fortnite

Probably the most boring Fortnite video you'll ever watch...


What have we been playing this month?

Video reviews and little snippets of lovely words about the games we've been playing this month



This month's podcasts

Episode 70 of the Bit Socket podcast is much less sexy than episode 69 was, which is a good thing. You can also listen to the first episode of Bit On The Side, if you cross our palms (patreon page) with silver (any currency really)