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Whisky Sessions Vol 2 - Nier Automata

It's time for Whisky Sessions Vol 2 - Nier Automata! We're a little drunker this time around and honestly, most of what we talk about is probably wrong.

You can also *WATCH* our drunken conversation on our youtube channel!

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Episode 61: Buckfast Tonic Jam

Is anyone up to the Buckfast Tonic Jam challenge? Joe certainly hopes not! 

Laughs, tears and two features from the gracious @PictoPirate, one of which you'll be able to download it here!

Enjoy and share this episode with all those people that you hate.

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Episode 60: Turnabout for Tokyo Joe

Finally we have the conclusion to the Tokyo Joe story arc! Before you listen it's worth checking out our previous adventure episodes, 45, 50 and our second Live Show! 

Will Joe get convicted for murder or while he somehow get away with it? Music in this episode is from the Ace Attorney Orchestral Album, owned by Capcom (I assume).

Enjoy, share, rate and love each other. 

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Episode 59: Bathtime Funtime

We've got an episode full of revelations: we discuss Joe's fear of aliens, hear the opinions of Harry Hot-Take and find out what Joe gets up to in the bath! 

Sadly, we also do Sinister Bottom as well. 

Enjoy, share and become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

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Episode 58: GOTY 2016 Discussion

We've done GOTY stuff pretty much since we started Bit Socket. This time around, we wanted to let you, the non-paying public, listen to our heated discussion over what makes the Top 5 for the year. There'll be a companion video made as well with the finished Top 5 and more!

There's no features this episode, just solid video game chat. We do our best to avoid any spoilers in the games we talk about, but if we do, I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. 

Thanks for all your support over 2016, and we'll be back soon with more #content.

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Episode 57: Number Munchers

It's Christmas time, but you wouldn't know it listening to our latest podcast!

We have Canon, Metacrockofshit, FF Song or FF Wrong, some other feature and loads of questions!

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Episode 56: Final Fantasy Special

As part of Final Fantasy Month, we have our definitive list of the best Final Fantasy games! 

We're joined by FF experts Barry Topping and Andrew Cuthbertson to help us decide! 

Catch our other videos for FF Month on our website or YouTube channel.

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Episode 55: The Travel Show

Scott and Joe are off to the Capital to participate in the Hunger Games!

Listen to them as they talk in Glasgow Airport, a cafe and then a really bad hotel room! 

Gasp as they talk about playing Final Fantasy XV! 

Like and subscribe as they threaten your children!

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Episode 52: Bit Socket Live 2

Episode 52 of Bit Socket was recorded LIVE at Drygate Brewery in Glasgow, as part of Scotland's best multiplayer gaming event, Glesgames! This is our second live show, full of rubbish singing, terrible cosplay and truly horrific fan-art.

You can watch the whole show on youtube to get the full effect, but stick around to the end of the podcast for extra questions!

Special thanks to Glesgames for letting us piggyback onto their day!

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Episode 50: Tokyo Joe 2: An Adventure

We've hit episode 50! Only about three months behind schedule. 

In this special podcast, we play an episode long game of (almost) D&D and then find out what our listeners think will happen to games in two years time. 

It's a long one, but it's good. I think. 

Remember to check out our website at and buy tickets to see us in August at Drygate in Glasgow:

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