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JUNE 2018


E3 has come and gone, but that doesn't mean we haven't shoehorned some E3 analysis .into issue two. Unsurprisingly, neither Scott nor Joe predicted E3 2018 with any success, but there was still plenty to chew over. Have a listen to the podcast to see what we thought. Before that though, you might want to read, watch and enjoy some top-quality content from the boys plus the first guest columnist in the Bit Socket online magazine.

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Scott and Joe Get Awkward

Scott and Joe play a party game that might ruin their friendship forever


Unlikeable Angry Men

Scott reflects on his time with Kratos


Elephants Elephants Elephants

Was this year's E3 disappointing?


Introducing Arthur Cowslip

Arthur likes films. He doesn't like games.


What have we been playing this month?

Video reviews and little snippets of lovely words about the games we've been playing this month



This month's streams

Catch up on the streams you might have missed. Or watch them again.


This month's podcasts

Episode 71 of the Bit Socket podcast features the worst Sinister Bottom we've ever recorded thanks to Joe's ineptitude. There's also the second episode of Bit On The Side, if you're a $3 Patron