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Final Fantasy Month


Final Fantasy Month

Celebrating the release of Final Fantasy XV the only way #ContentPigs can.


Welcome to Final Fantasy Month!

It's hard to believe, but Final Fantasy XV is almost here. After ten years of waiting, from when it was still called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, we'll soon finally be able to get our hands on the JRPG-genres great white elephant...

Film Club - Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

The third and final instalment of our Film Club series on the Final Fantasy films. Here we watch Kingsglaive in preparation for the main game. Is it as shite as the other two? Watch and find out! Our, listen to our full audio commentary!

Final Fantasy Special Podcast

To celebrate where Final Fantasy has been (before we find out where it's going) we recorded a special Final Fantasy podcast where we rank the main games from best to XIII. Features the vocal delights of Barry Topping and Andy Cuthbertson!

Film Club - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Bit Socket Film Club continues marching ever onward, like a zombie, this time with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. What a treat. Watch the highlights or listen to the full commentary. The choice is yours.

Streaming & Steaming: Final Fantasy VII

We streamed the beginning of Final Fantasy VII! Join us as we guide BSScott, Lee, Fifa 97 and AerISS64 through Midgar! Thanks to everyone who watched the stream; if you missed it you can watch part 1 and part 2 on youtube.

Film Club - Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Back from the dead, it's Bit Socket Film Club. We're going to watch all three Final Fantasy movies this month, kicking off with Spirits Within. Watch the video or watch the film along with our full audio commentary!

Final Fantasy XV: The First Hour

We've played Final Fantasy XV! We got the chance to play the first hour of the game, and record our experiences in the world of Eos. Watch as we crash the Regalia, do some fishing, pull off flashy combat moves and admire some wobbly eggs...

World of Final Fantasy Review

World of Final Fantasy is a slice of classic Final Fantasy-ness before Final Fantasy XV comes along and changes things up all over again. It's a celebration of everything Final Fantasy has been over the past three decades, and it's full of fan-service...


More coming soon!

We've got plenty more planned throughout November, so keep checking the site. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with what we've got planned!