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Bit Socket Live

A live show full of singing, comedy, audience participation and questionable Sonic the Hedgehog fan-art. Keep your eyes peeled for the next live show dates!


Bit Socket Live 1: Sloan's, Glasgow

Our first live show, at Sloan's in March 2016 and featured:

  • Yakuza Karaoke
  • Jimmy Shand's Videogame Band
  • Lee's Choons
  • Sonic the Hedgehog "Is it Canon?"
  • Sinister Bottom
  • More!

Bit Socket Live 2: Drygate, Glasgow

Our second live show took place at Drygate in August 2016, and featured:

  • Sonic Adventure 2 Karaoke
  • Tokyo Joe (part 2.5)
  • The Blindfold Fan-Art Challenge
  • "Is it Canon?"
  • More!